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Freedom House Discipleship is an intense Twelve-Month program that is designed to help individuals who are just being released from prison/jail and those struggling with addiction who have attempted to make it on the streets with no success. Too many times when people are released back into society they end up right back in the same environment they were in before their incarceration. It is a vicious cycle of pain, not only for the men, but for their families as well, and it has to end! We are a faith-based discipleship program designed to help our students realize that they can achieve spiritual success if they are properly disciplined.

Mission Statement

To see Freedom House Discipleship graduates living sober, successful lives and fulfilling the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

Freedom House Discipleship’s sole purpose is to raise men to be true followers of Christ. They will come out of the Freedom House ready to radically change the world and be true Priests of their own homes and take the place as husband, father, and leader.

-To create a positive, spiritual environment where the students feel safe, secure and have all their basic needs met and teaches them how to eventually meet these needs on their own.
-To have a staff that is committed to going the extra mile in order to help students bring about a lifestyle change in their recovery process.
-To enable students to become spiritually alive, emotionally stable, physically healthy and socially active in all aspects of society.
-To produce graduates who will be true Disciples of Christ, fulfilling the Great
Commission to make disciples of all nations that will radically transform the world.


Present Home

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Our Future Building

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Ground Breaking Ceremony

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